Products & Services


ITS provides the following services for new and existing construction Design and installation of:

• Home Theater Systems
• Commercial Audio/Video, including board       rooms,conference rooms and digital signage. 

• Control System design and programming
• Distributed Audio and Video
• Lighting Control and Blinds
• Home and Business Automation



We make complex integration simple. We will work with you to determine whether to integrate existing equipment, or start your system from scratch. 

• Programming
• Calibration
• Design/Build
• Installation
• Product Sales – check out our partner page


Our Approach

• End-user-based design solutions utilizing the latest    technology and concepts
• One ITS consultant through the entire design and       installation process
• Direct designer access
• Proven system reliability through experienced

  engineering and installation
• Project delivery on time and on budget
• Easy to understand explanations.  We pride ourselves on being good translators, so you'll understand as much...or as little...of your system as you desire!


Let us help you!! Our design team will work with you to help you put together exactly what you want from your AV system.  Anything from simple to complex solutions, ITS will get it done! 

Home Theater:

ITS will create your dream home theater room in any environment; new or retrofit construction utilizing a unique method of room qualification and design.  Whether it is a dedicated high-end home theater or a media room conversion from a guest bedroom we are the company to call.
• Quality dedicated high-end home theater design/build
• Integrated home theater designs
• Expert knowledge of current trends and technology
• Already working with an architect or interior designer?  No problem.  We are well versed in working with various construction and design industry professionals.
• Designs to make the most of any space and budget
• Equipment installed, programmed and calibrated


Design and installation done right so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.


Stealth Electronics:

Don't like looking at your electronics?  Let us hide everything, including TV's and speakers!!  A favorite with interior designers, we can make your electronics disappear.  Stealth electronics allow us to increase your audio/video experience without altering the aesthetic of your interior décor.  No matter how sleek and thin flat-panels get, no one wants to see their technology when not in use.   With our expertise we can design and create a cutting edge system that disappears into the décor of the room yet gives you great picture and sound. 


Control Systems:
Control all of your electronics from one place and control it while you’re away.  With certifications from the best brands, like Crestron, URC and Extron,
ITS can install a system for you, allowing simple control of:
• Home theater systems

• Conference Rooms
• Lighting
• Distributed Audio & Video for either homes or businesses.
• Camera Systems
• Climate control and Security
• Tablet intergration


Distributed Audio & Video:
Imagine seamless integration of audio and video in every room of your home or business.  Listen to any source in any room independently of the other rooms.  Pause a Blu-ray movie in the living room and finish it in the master suite.  Consolidate all your sources into one  location.  From hidden in-wall speakers, to multi-room systems, to whole home or office/campus automation of both audio and video, ITS will work with you to design a system perfect for your business or lifestyle.


Lighting & Blinds Control:
Whether you're looking for ideas for a single room, multiple rooms or interested in controlling the lights in and around your home or busness , ITS has the solutions for you.  We can program preset lighting scenes that will, with the touch of one button, create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.  This is also a “Green” feature that if programmed properly can reduce energy consumption as well as serve as a security feature for your home or business.  We can integrate "Daylight Harvestng", to allow for reduced lighting when there is natural light available, reducing your energy bill, and automatically shutting off lights when the room is not being used.


ITS can also integrate automated blinds that will control the amount of light entering your rooms.  These blinds can be controlled using the same control system that operates the other electronic systems in your home or business.


ITS can seamlessly and reliably automate your A/V systems.  These systems are available for a range of budgets or lifestyles.  Sync your outside lights to come on just before dark, and turn off at sunrise.  Turn on your lights and start your AV when you walk into the conference room, or open the garage door.  Let's talk about the possibilities, it's usually not a matter of "if" it can be done, but "how" it can be done.


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