With ITS it's easy to achieve ​the best technology solutions for your lifestyle. Here are just a few examples of how the experts at ITS have help others.
Washington Square Luxury Towers
Bellevue, WA

Exclusive technology vendor during construction and opening for the Washington Square Luxury Towers.  We designed the infrastructure and theater & home entertainment systems for the lobbies, amenities, facilities, 24 Penthouse suites, 26 Luxurious Townhomes and over 200 other units.


Commercial A/V system in University facility


11 conference rooms, 2 ballrooms with the ability to combine the A/V systems into one system and and in building auditorium, including a control booth and mammoth 260" electric drop screen

Living Room Stealth Electronics
Mercer Island, Washington


Conversion of an existing living room space with a plasma television concealed
by an art screen.

Room conversion, Stealth Electronics
Mercer Island, Washington


Conversion of a room above a garage into an ultimate multi purpose home theater room.  A plasma was concealed behind an artscreen to be used as a gaming or sports TV.  Press a button on the touchpanel, and the artscreen closes and a 120" screen drops down concealing the artscreen while a projector pops open out of the ceiling for a theater quality movie experience.



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